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07/28/2005 Entry: Being a blogreader

The downside about going away for a weekend is apparently it takes me four days to catch up on all the reading that piled up while I was gone (and then the stuff that piled up while I was reading the old stuff)!

I don't actually read all that many blogs. Look over there at that sidebar -- see how short that blogroll is?

And while you're there, note that it's one entry longer than it used to be. I've added Republic of Dogs. I went and read his fine blog because I'm impressed by the comments he made in this thread over in Twisty Faster's "I Blame the Patriarchy." She even calls out my favorite of his comments in its very own post regarding "How To Be A Feminist Fella After Getting Lambasted By Feminists". If you've ever wondered what what men can do about the patriarchy, this is your answer. If you've never wondered what men can do about the patriarchy... go read it anyway.

And, for the record: I eat no shrimp tacos. Nor pork, nor chicken, nor beef. Though I've been known to enjoy the heck out of tacos with soy-based fake meat products in them, from time to time. And on the very rare occasion, with real live breaded fried fish filets.

(Edit: and, oh my! the blogroll was missing Twisty's site. That's what I get for editing html before the first cuppa embarassing.)

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