Do you really care...?

I mean, does it matter if I really did make these poems with my poetry magnets or not? Okay, obviously, I care, since I've got this page up.

I have four different plastic boxes sitting next to me as I'm writing this. Each of these boxes once contained little white magnets with words printed on them. These magnets are now on my refrigerator.

On the top of the pile are two boxes marked "(c) 1993 by Dave Kapell". These are what I think of as the "original" brand of poetry magnets, since his were the first I saw. I have the "Magnetic Poetry 2: The sequel" and "Magnetic Romance" magnet kits, both of which I bought at Games of Berkeley.

Later, I was shopping in SF Main Library's Gift Shop, and I picked up two more boxes of word magnets. These were from "Fridge Fun" and they were the "Tabloid Talk" and the "Gay Talk" sets. All told, there are about 1500 words floating around on my fridge.

And yes, the following poems were indeed made with these very poetry magnets. As the two different brands of magnets differ in their capitalization systems, I just lowercased everything, and made everything one font and one color. The words, however, are verbatim.


Last revised:
1995 May 21