July 30, 2004

Messing around with the site
You may notice that I'm messing around with the site design quite considerably. Sorry if the (possibly temporary) lack of readability offends anyone. I'm just getting bored with the old design, and playing around with using CSS to do all the layout. Please stay tuned.

January 31, 2004

Redone my favorites
I've spent a little time reorganizing my favorite photos. This is something I've been planning on doing for a while. I've tried to find a rought categorization for it all, based around architectural, object and people shots. And I've really tried to cut stuff out. But I've still ended up with over 150 shots. I think my bar for "favorite" may still be a little low...

January 22, 2004

Trying something new
OK, after a long period of extremely manual album making, I'm finally trying something more automated with this series of shots of the towpath outside our house on a frosty day. I'm using a tool called JAlbum which alows the creation of complex templates from which you can publish your pictures.

Thumbnail generation is automatic. Sub-page generation is automatic, and they have a whole set of tage you can use to set up the pages any way you want. It's a bit like MovableType for images, but feels more flexible (to me) then MT for handling albums.

July 14, 2003

New page
Quick update on the site's home page, just to start getting the pictures a little bigger by default. Let me know if you think it's bad/good.

April 03, 2003

Just added a google search to the bottom of the page. Now, finally, I can switch my IE default homepage from Google to this one.

March 21, 2003

My own T-Shirt store! Richard's
My own T-Shirt store!
Richard's Online Emporium
The designs in here are kind of weird. A personal in-joke with people at work. I don't expect anyone else to get it, and it's geeky. What can i say? AND I don't make any money from it. I'm kind of wondering what the point is.
Photo grouping
Thoughts for grouping my favorite photos.
By those that glow.

March 02, 2003

And just dropped in the link.list below. My plan is just to blog stuff I see into that list (probably with no explanation).
Just added a favorites page. It'll take a time to download all the thumbnails, so prepare to test your patience.

March 01, 2003

I've realised that with all the changes I've been making to the site that I'd kind of messed it up for anyone not running a highly approved Microsoft browser. So much for trying to be clever by making it all driven by XML. Maybe I should go back to the site being a little more dumb. Anyway, if you have problems, let me know please!
Shots on Alki Beach
Shannon's still in the UK. I spent some of the day on Alki Beach, in West Seattle, taking pictures. Most of them were pretty mundane. Of course, I managed to find some rust.

February 27, 2003

Night shots
Continuing my weird habit of taking shots of overpasses and night scenes, I spent some time in the freezing cold on Tuesday night at the junction of the I-90 and the I-405. Nothing particularly spectacular. I guess I just like the converging lines that you get with narrow pedestrian bridges and highway edges, and the soft orange light from the street lighting:

I like this shot taken outside an empty warehouse on 148th, though. The stark white light is great.

Looking at these two, and all the lines disappearing off into infinity, I should just go and take photos of train tracks and get it out of my system.