January 30, 2007

Eating well.

Wise advice for eating well from this New York Times article.
"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

January 11, 2007

Coffee roasting

DIY coffee roasting - Lifehacker. 'You'll bask in DIY satisfaction AND you'll save a bloomin' bunch. As for the 'specialized' coffee roasting equipment, try these two economical options: an air-pop popcorn popper or a cast iron skillet.'

Another thing to add to my list of hobbies I'd love to take up.

January 09, 2007

December 21, 2006


Some great efforts in the Celebrity Mii Contest (a Mii being a personal little avatar that you can design on the Nintendo Wii). My personal favorite is this one of Jack Black:

October 14, 2006

The National Gallery and friends

The National Gallery and friends

I happened to be in Trafalgar Square this evening when some protestors passed through, closely followed by police and riot vans. I THINK the protest was something to do with elections in the Congo, against the posibility of Joseph Kabila becoming president.

Everyone was madly taking photos with their phones, although it felt like one of those situations that COULD turn ugly. Didn't while I was there, fortunately.

September 22, 2006


Wedding procession led by flower girl in Vader helmet. 'the procession was led by a little girl in a Darth Vader helmet while a "hipster-country" version of the Imperial March played.'

August 11, 2006

Goggles - flight sim built on Google Maps

Some people are just so damn creative.
Goggles :: The Google Maps flight sim

July 27, 2006

New ocean

Geologists have ringside seats for an ocean's birth | The Register. "A rift that opened in Africa after a massive earthquake last September could be the beginning of a new Ocean, scientists say. The crack in the ground appeared along a fault line in the Afar desert in Ethiopia.
The crack is heading for the Red Sea. If it makes it that far, it would carve a new ocean that would separate Eritrea and part of Ethiopia (both of which lie on the Arabian plate) from the rest of the continent, creating a new island."

In one month it was already 8 metres wide in some places. Pretty wild, the thought of Ethipia as an island.

July 13, 2006


Scale models of Hiroshima. Before and After.

Ceramic batmen

There's something very beautiful about these melting, ceramic bat -people.

June 30, 2006

Topical AND keeps the bowl clean

Pee Goal

June 14, 2006


In my continued test of Word 2007's new blogging feature, I'm having a go at inserting a picture that points to a URL. It's a little odd that here in Word it just shows up as a small 100x100 image. Here's hoping it scales up to "real size" once it posts.

And on the subject of "here's hoping" it would be great to be able to assign my blog categories from here in Word. I can't find a way if there is one. But I guess that's the beginning of the slippery slope of throwing everything in. I should be happy that the feature has got this far. It's pretty cool having the familiarity of Word to do this.

<Update: Well, I tried two methods of inserting an image tag that points to an image on Flickr, both of which failed. The first one looked like it had worked, but I was deceived. I went to the Insert tab in Word 2007, hit Picture, and typed in the URL to the image I wanted in the File Name field. Word did go off and fetch the image, but it made a duplicate of it locally, which meant that I had to publish that embedded image somewhere when I tried to post. And publishing images seems to be broken. The other method I tried was just typing in the <img> tag with an href to the photo. Looks like Word replace the less then and greater then signs with lt; and gt; respectively. Hopefully this is a bug. >

Word's Blogging Feature

Word 2007 can apparently post to a Blog. This is a test of that claim. Hopefully this text will make it from this page in Word to my blog relatively unscathed. It looks like I should expect a few weird bugs since this is beta code, but here goes anyway.

< Update: As Joe points out in his blog entry, some text encoding still isn't happening correctly. So I had to get rid of the "smart" apostrophe from the title by turning off an option in the Autocorrect dialog box. It was showing some weird characters that included the symbol for the Euro. Very strange. Now I'm using dumb apostrophes only. >

May 20, 2006

The green Hummer

SUV Bicycle - The Green Hummer Project. "There are no black tinted windows to hide us from view. No air conditioning to further isolate us from the outside. No gas tank to fill and fill and fill. No greenhouse gasses pouring from the exhaust pipe. No frustration, no yelling, no honking, no road rage."

May 19, 2006

More claymation fun

Following on from my post about the Neverhood, here's another claymation game . This one is a side-scrolling shooter called Platypus

May 15, 2006

Mistaken identity

This is quite an amusing video to watch once you understand the context. The BBC needed a technology expert to answer questions on air about the Apple Computer vs. Apple Corp legal case. It looks like they accidentally interviewed a taxi driver, rather then the person they had invited to speak. He does quite a good job, I think.

May 09, 2006

Sony playstation 3 pricing rip off

Can anyone tell me why Europeans keep on getting screwed on the price of technology? Sony just announced the pricing for the new Playstation 3, due out in November. The model with the 20Gb hard drive will be 499 US dollars in North America and 499 Euros in Europe. According to Google, at the current exchange rate 499 dollars is 392 Euros. So in Europe we're paying a premium of 107 Euros, or 136 dollars. Is this one of those weird tax things, where it's more costly for Sony to do business in Europe? Is it the cost of localizing all the content for multiple European languages? Or is it just a blatant rip off which they know Europeans can only grumble about?

Stephen Colbert @ The W H C A D

May 04, 2006

The Neverhood

The Neverhood is the last really great adventure game that I actually completed. Built using claymation, like Wallace & Gromitt , it was colorful and imaginative. Part of a really creative period for LucasArts, before it got bogged down in bad Star Wars games. Still available on eBay...

April 27, 2006

Desktop Zen

Have a read of Desktop Zen - Reducing Visual Clutter on your Desktop by AJ and see if you think your desktop can really go from this:

to this:

I'm a little sceptical, myself, that this will work for everyone. Some people seem to NEED clutter to function.

March 14, 2006

Human rollerblade

Ok, this street luge suit, which is covered in rollerblade wheels, is pretty whacked.

December 26, 2005

Cubees for Christmas

Shannon bought me all six Cubees. I blogged about my desire for these earlier this year. She has a good memory.

These are little block "animals" that play alone or sing in harmony. Sort of. If you can call a pig noise and a duck noise "harmony". They have been quite a conversation piece this holiday.

November 29, 2005

Monorail Crash

Monorail Crash

Erg. Brian caught some great shots of a collision between the two monorail trains in downtown Seattle. Not sure how this was possible...

November 23, 2005

Bus Bike
The Bus Bike is an idea in from Brazil. Looks like you and your friends hop on a bus that is chock full of exercise equipment, and peddle/waddle/step/flex your way around the streets of Rio. Why peddling/waddling/stepping and flexing isn't a more appropriate thing to be doing on the beachfront at Copacabana, I don't know.

November 17, 2005

The blue ball machine

The Blue Ball Machine...

November 11, 2005

Unfortunate URLs

I found this list of unintentionally racy links rather amusing. Particularly liked:

Power-Gen Italia - Italian power company

November 10, 2005

Home composting

I'm on the verge of home composting. More guilt about stuff we throw away. But we're worried about the questionable smell it might produce.

This thing would be an expensive but cool solution. Although I doubt it's available in the UK. Produces delicious mulch every 10 days.

NatureMill Indoor Composter - Controlled Decay - Gizmodo

"It’s an in-home composter that takes trash in one end and produces a delicious organic humus out the other—that’s humus not hummus. One is is a tasty chickpea dish, the other is a muddy conglomeration of nitrates, carbon, and grossness."

November 07, 2005

Girls playing games

I found this article about one girl's experience playing games online pretty depressing. From the look of it, it's best not to admit that you're a girl in a game environment, and if you do you'd better expect to have a photo handy to prove it. Sad.

OMG Girlz Don't Exist on teh Intarweb!!!!1

"I've been watching and observing the internet for quite some time now. It's like a science project with the usual control and variables. The control is: I am a girl. The variables are the medium through which this fact is expressed. The results all point to the same paradoxical conclusion: I am a girl, but girls do not exist on the internet."

October 28, 2005

211kb Empire Strikes Back

October 27, 2005

175kb Starwars

October 26, 2005

Top 100 toys of the 70s and 80s

TV Cream's Top 100 Toys of the 70s and 80s is awesome. I recognize nearly everything here. Not sure if this is a UK centric list, though. I suspect so.

October 24, 2005

Toasted Soldiers

I was telling Shannon about Toasted Soldiers just the other day. Is this just a peculiarly English thing. Anyway, some obsessive has done the decent thing and developed a toastie soldier cutting machine. Perfect perferations every time.

October 21, 2005

New Orleans lack of fact

So, to recap. 1,000 people died in New Orleans, not 10,000. The looting and violence was no worse then normal. And now the we get this: floodwaters not as toxic to humans as previously thought, study says.
This lack of accurate reporting at the time is a little disconcerting.

October 10, 2005

The Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage is just plain weird/wild. A 1000x1000 pixel page is being auctioned off at $1 a pixel (minimum purchase of 10x10 pixels) to do with as you will. So far the site has made $323,200. I'd be tempted, except $100 is too high a minimum for my tastes.

October 04, 2005

In-game advertising

I'm not that opposed to in-game advertising, although this shot of a 40s era Godfather game with a street-corner Starbucks is a little too revisionist for my taste. Wonder if that's a drive-through.

September 23, 2005

Sony PS2 advertising

I like this "interactive advertising" from Sony.

September 16, 2005

Mario clone in JavaScript

If any proof were needed of how rich a regular webpage with Javascript can be, here's Super Mario Brothers implemented in Javascript.

John Hurt sighted

Whenever Shannon and I work out of the Soho office in central London I spot someone "famous". Soho has a large pool of media-related businesses, so there are often actors coming and going.
Today's subject was John Hurt, an excellent actor of stage and screen, famous for having an alien burst our of his stomach, in space, where no one can hear you scream.

September 14, 2005

Napoleon Gates? Bill Dynamite?

A couple of times a year Bill Gates makes a humorous video, usually a take off of a movie or advertisment, used to lighten up his talks at different professional conferences. These are not distributed, because the content tends to be proprietory, but just for a change someone managed to take a shot of a frame from the one shown at the Professional Developers Conference.

August 09, 2005


I'm afraid I sympathize with this article entitled "A gadget bag is the new man purse" a little TOO much. I'm a bag elitist. I'm finding it hard to move much beyond my Crumpler Farmer's Double, which is ideal for my two big-ticket items, my laptop and SLR. These bags from Chrome are still getting my attention, though.

August 03, 2005

Birds doing ringtones

Birds in urban areas of Germany have apparently started mimicing ringtones.

June 29, 2005

Google Earth

Ok, the title of this product is a bit of meglomania, but Google Earth is pretty stunning none the less. It's a 3D earth viewer that allows you to zoom in and out of a model of the earth that's mapped with satelite imagery. Try adding your own tags with sets like "places I've lived" or "places I want to visit".

June 14, 2005

Plant 10 trees

I'd like to do this tree planting dedication through the Woodland Trust. 50 pounds gets you 10 trees in one of 20 woods across the UK.

June 07, 2005

Smart creatures

Dolphins teach their children to use sponges
This is amazing. But, then again, why should it be? Humans are pretty arrogant to think that they're so far advanced that there isn't even one reasonably smart creature out there.
"Dolphins in Australia have been observed using tools, and they seem to pass on their specialist knowledge to others. This is the first time cultural transmission has been confirmed in a marine mammal.
"Lacking hands, dolphins are limited in what they can do with a tool, but some bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia, have devised a way to break marine sponges off the seafloor and wear them over their snouts when foraging."

May 31, 2005

Might be worth a visit

This is just down the road from us.
Whispers in the maze
"Since May 6, visitors to the oldest maze in the world, Hampton Court Palace Maze can hear cymbals, a dog barking, a child laughing, the rustle of silk skirts, a tune from a music box, and the murmurs and sighs of three centuries of chatter at the palace. The sounds float around the maze so subtly that it is hard to distinguish them from real-life ones."

May 20, 2005

Strategy pinball

Another potential classic, quirky game coming to the GameCube. Nintendo does this stuff so well.
E3: Odama turns strategy on its head"The enemy troops are trying to push a marker down the screen and into your territory. You need to do everything you can to stop them. Use the flippers to roll the ball over them (but be careful of your own troops) or use your forces (at strategic times) to outfight the bad guys. You get a mic for the controller that allows you to bark orders like "March!" or "Stop!" and the troops will dutifully follow them."

May 11, 2005

Get the manga look

Get the Manga look with Manga Head. A new gell from Garnier lets you have REAL control.

May 10, 2005


Takara Cubee: Singing Animal Blocks. "Takara is selling these in the US, and they sing. Just stupid nursery rhymes, right, but if you stack them up on top of each other and press the button, the others will sing backup. These are amazingly annoying and awesome."

April 28, 2005

Extinction works both ways

784 gone since 1500, but one's come back.
'Extinct' woodpecker found alive

April 27, 2005

Virtual stapler

It does feel...sort of good.

Spoof political ads

Spoof ads for what each of the political parties in the UK would really like to say. Awesome.

April 25, 2005


There's quite a revolution taking place in the UK school dinners system, since Jamie Oliver (the Naked Chef) revealed that most kids main meal of the day consisted primarily of deep fried, reconstituted chicken, shaped like zoo animals (with chips).
Looks like this has hit a legal hiccup.
"The Guardian has learned that new schools locked into 25-year contracts through private finance initiatives are finding that they cannot rid their menus of junk food despite the government's pledge."

April 15, 2005

Finally fill the gaps

If this Wireless Range Extender works as promised I can finally fill in some of the dead spots in the house. It's supposed to work with any network, which is what makes it unique. Assuming it does as advertised.

April 14, 2005

Randomly generated paper

Randomly Generated Paper Accepted to Conference. "SCIgen is a program that generates random Computer Science research papers, including graphs, figures, and citations. What's amazing is that one of [the MIT student's] randomly generated paper was accepted to WMSCI 2005. Now they are accepting donation to fund their trip to the conference and give a randomly generated talk."

March 31, 2005

Copying media to a PSP

A pretty useful article from ExtremeTech on how to get different types of media onto a PSP. Includes a decent list of 3rd party tools to help out.

Fake VW vans

A new trend in Japan is modifying a Suzuki van to look like a VW van, to create a Minibasu. I thought these looked great.

March 17, 2005

Prepare to be sucked into the void...

Lab fireball 'may be black hole'. "A fireball created in a US particle accelerator has the characteristics of a black hole, a physicist has said."

March 11, 2005

Sandman portrait

Michael Zulli, a graphic artist who's done a lot of work on Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics, is documenting the process of painting his "last" Sandman picture, The Last Morpheus. It's interesting to see him start from basic sketches and move to painting on a 4 foot by 2 foot canvas.

March 09, 2005

Old TV clocks

These are great recreations of classic UK TV channel clocks, done in Flash.

March 07, 2005

K Adorable

This was the last t-shirt I received from the K Adorable t-shirt subscription that Shannon bought for me. Now it's come to an end I'm torn between wanting to subscribe again and not wanting to flood my wardrobe with shirts from just one place.

March 04, 2005

Voyager vs. GlobalFlyer

I'm confused. Steve Fossett just "made history", according to CNN, by being the person who "completed the first nonstop flight 'round-the-world without refueling".

When I was in Seattle in February, though, I saw a model hanging from the roof of SeaTac airport of the Voyager aircraft, which, according to Wikipedia, was "the first to fly around the world without stopping or refueling". In 1986. So which is it...?

March 03, 2005

Sir Bill

I don't know why this photo of Bill with his Knighthood looks so weird to me. I guess it's because it makes him look like a bit of a tourist.

February 25, 2005

More heliport fun

Following on from Tiger Woods' hitting a golf ball from the same location, here's the heliport at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai being used for the Dubai Men's Open. Wild.

Shuffle art

The age of Shuffle Personalization has begun.

Wi-fi amplification

The Wi-fi coverage in our home sucks. Too many walls, and too inconvenient a location for our transmitter. Call me a geek, but I might try this solution.

February 23, 2005

Top 100 gadgets

Mobile PC's list of The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time. Not sure I agree with their number 1, but it's a good list.

February 21, 2005

My Konstructor attempt

This is pretty funny. Within a few hours they'd already posted my Konstructor attempt (have a look under 21.2.2005).

Build your own city stencil

Konstructor, from m-city.org, is a tool that lets you build your own cities to use as stencils.

February 15, 2005

World of Warcraft

I'm just starting to get into my first ever online game, now that the "newbie" friendly World of Warcraft has finally been released in Europe.
This game is huge, and seeing as I'm only a level 5 after a few hours of play I have a long way to go. I'm not actually sure where I'm going, since this world is persistent and pretty much endless. I guess I go until I'm bored.
The World of War fan site includes some good Cartography that should help me get around.

February 09, 2005

iPod lego

This must be at the extreme end of "customer love", although Apple customers seem to go to these extremes pretty regularly.
This lego figure is designed to mimic Apples sihouette iPod ads.

February 07, 2005

Folding a t-shirt

I've tried this, and it's excellent. Like performing a magic trick. It makes laundry fun.

How to fold a shirt. "Stop wasting time folding shirts the normal way! How to Fold a Shirt shows you the latest techniques and tricks to fold t-shirts, sweaters, dress shirts and more; the RIGHT way!"

iPod stereoscope

Simultaneously stupid and admirable.
The iPod photo stereoscope

February 06, 2005

Stephen King on writing

I enjoyed the bluntness in this article by Stephen King on Everything you Need to Know About Writing Successfully. Try going through it and replacing the career of "writing" with whatever it is you do for a living. I found the advice still worked for what I do. Might be the same for you.

February 05, 2005

Icons for your website

Sometimes when you visit a website you see a small, customized icon appear next to the URL in the address bar.
Here are instructions and a tool for making your own.


Don't know why, but Worldprocessor is just a cool site with over 200 shots of globes, each of which has a different take on the world.

February 02, 2005

Katamari Damacy

I'd like to make an official plea to the powers that be to release Katamari Damacy in the UK. Why should the Americans and Japanese get all the fun?


I was on the Banksy site when I noticed this bit of graffiti that he's claiming. Shannon and I saw it the other night, on our drive into London. Then again, with 2500 "visitors" per hour, I guess a lot of people saw it too.

January 28, 2005

Gene Kelly and the Golf Gti

Tom sent me a link to this awesome VW Golf advert showing Gene Kelly Breakdancin' in the Rain.
Video (quicktime)
Related ITV article

Another amazing Moleskine-er

I don't know how people find the time. This guy is very good, though.
carnets de digestion

January 27, 2005


A couple of cool sentence builders using photos of the letters of the alphabet, the first from shaved heads called hairfont.

The second based on night writing.

Thanks to Spot and Otherthings.

Bitman and bit-hike

Some fun stuff on v e c t o r :: s c a n

wind beasts

Not sure if I blogged about these strandbeests before, but they're still cool. Massive "walking" structures that are driven along beachfronts by the wind.

January 19, 2005

4 new countries for new "6-axis" evil list!

I'm not really sure why Condoleezza Rice feels that naming names really does her any favors.

"To be sure, in our world, there remain outposts of tyranny, and America stands with oppressed people on every continent, in Cuba, and Burma, and North Korea, and Iran, and Belarus, and Zimbabwe," she said.


Huh?: We do stuff..
"Welcome to the world's most dynamic e-business marketing, design and consulting agency. We provide distinct clients with groundbreaking business strategies and cutting-edge designs to aggressively and creatively compete in a changing economy."

January 18, 2005

Puritanical TV execs

I think they're probably imaging the growth in "puritanical USA" aspect of this, since none of the examples given are as bad as the "Janet Jackson" affair, but this article on over the top censoring by US TV networks is pretty scary.

"Fox TV has decided to pixelate a bare derriere in a cartoon series, The Family Guy, which was originally broadcast five years ago with no complaints."

I think this kind of thing is pretty cyclical, and we're possibly begining a bit of a slide into over-sensitivity that defined the Victorian era over here in the UK. I hope it doesn't get as prudish as that, obviously.

I would guess that Little Britain will never make it over there then :-)

January 17, 2005

Hacking a moleskine

I'm a big fan of moleskine notebooks, which I seem to have settled on using after 15 years of searching for "the best" way to write/sketch on the go. They're really good quality (especially the sketchbook one, that has great, thick paper), and get a lot of praise for their functionality (little pocket at the back for storing stuff, tough cover, elastic strap to hold it shut, integrated bookmark).

This guy bought a new version that's made up JUST of pockets for storing stuff, and it didn't quite meet his needs, so he hacked it. I like his change, but I hope Moleskine take note of his gripes with the original. If it's not really that useful as it's initially sold it may need a redesign, and I'd hate for them to stop focussing on perfection.

January 14, 2005

Darth Tater

Shannon and I watched Toy Story 2 again last night, so this is a timely Mr Potatohead release.
Darth Tater: Mr Vader Potatohead

Wild wheel

This new, airless wheel from Michelin is pretty wild.

January 13, 2005

An iPod world

This is a quite bizarre video from the BBC of what the world will be like once Steve Jobs has competed his world domination plan.

Apple Store Parody

The Apple Store Of The Future. Quite amusing. I particularly like the Steve Jobs Altar, and iBuprofen. But I'm a sucker for the stupid.

January 12, 2005

The Drawing Club

I saw an advert in Giant Robot for The Drawing Club, and wish there was one in London. It's a club that holds drawing sessions every Thursday night with models that are dressed in costume with a specific theme.

The results are pretty stunning. The people who turn up are clearly very good and into quite stylized, graphic drawings.

January 11, 2005

Guitar Port

Here's a gadget that seems cool, but could be crappy. Line 6 GuitarPort lets you plug your electric guitar into your PC through a "retro" looking red box (it's the Retro-ness of this thing that's worrying me). The box can immitate a whole bunch of different classic guitar amp sounds, and also allows you to connect to an online service that gives you the equivalent of guitar karaoke, as well as lessons etc. Anyone have any experience with one of these?

January 04, 2005

Mayor of Bogota uses mimes for public behavior control.
I thought this idea was very cool.Mbr<"Another innovative idea was to use mimes to improve both traffic and citizens' behavior. Initially 20 professional mimes shadowed pedestrians who didn't follow crossing rules: A pedestrian running across the road would be tracked by a mime who mocked his every move. Mimes also poked fun at reckless drivers. The program was so popular that another 400 people were trained as mimes."

December 16, 2004

Celebrating the King
Kingsmill is celebrating the 70th birthday of Elvis with bread in the shape of his head. What a tribute. I'm sure he would feel very honored.

December 10, 2004

Skeleton characters
Skeletal Systems contains beautifully rendered skeletons of famous animated characters.
Hacking the iPod
How to do this:
Blutooth headset
Finally, a blutooth headset that's small enough that I might actually be interested in it. Bluespoon AX Headset Reviewed.
The Casa Moda "S'mores" Maker
An American delicacy comes indoors. Casa Moda "S'mores" Maker

December 08, 2004

Sticker site
Here's one of those sites where you can download a sticker, stick it to something, take a photo, and upload the image to a site to show that sticker in lots of different locations. This one mixes the Apple and Mickey Mouse logos.

December 01, 2004

Bad Band Aid
BandAidDilemma.net - Your conscience is clear. "You want this record to succeed, because you feel for the plight of the refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan and this project is funding aid projects on their behalf. However, you hate this recording and feel your musical ego looming and refusing to be bruised.

The answer?
Buy as many copies of Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid 20 as you can afford.
Destroy them in amusing ways, on camera. Send us the pictures.
Charity. Violence. You know it makes sense."

November 30, 2004

What's in your bag?
Like Recipes to Share, What's in your bag? is another classic example of the use of photos in Flickr groups.
Dodecahedron calendar
Print your own

Thanks to Boing Boing.

November 29, 2004

Movie databases
Great. Just as soon as I go to all the trouble of getting my DVDs sorted using Delicious Library, along comes a plug-in for the media center that does the same.

November 26, 2004

Dension iPod car adapter
The serious way to hook your iPod up to your car.

November 24, 2004

Fat burger
Sort of suprised to see this monster burger from Hardees being launched during the current "anti-fat-food" climate. 2/3 of a pound and 1,400 calories. It's ok, though, because it's being marketed to people who only want to indulge once in a while, and who don't necessarily read food labels. Good job we have marketing to help deter us when all we're thinking is "&$^#-it, I'll have the huge burger!!".

November 23, 2004

Grilled cheese
For those of you who were on the edge of your seats, the grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary on it has finally gone for $28,000 to an online Casino. Bargain, I say.

November 22, 2004

The stuff he makes
Thanks Lenny for this excellent pointer to the Spring Shoes, part of a whole site of weird stuff that this guy makes.

November 19, 2004

Disc error
I'm going to get me one of these! Probably in the not too distant future.
Widgets for your blog
If you have a blog, you might be interesting in using these fairly cool widgets fromBlogbox.com.

November 16, 2004

Aibo Master
The Aibo Master. "Sorry, Phillip, but with more than 40 Aibos, this guy sort of has you beat in the robotic pets department."
- Engadget

November 10, 2004

The Shortlist
I'm a sucker for music awards, like the Mercury Music Prize, that are even a little bit alternative. The Shortlist Of Music is an award that takes a weird list of judges (Jack Black, Norah Jones, Robert Smith, Jim Jarmusch, for example) each of whom recommend 10 albums that have not gone Gold (<500,000 in sales). Then they pick "the best" as a group.

November 09, 2004

Moving the 8th street bridge
Take a look at this really cool video (wmv) of the 9 hour process of moving the 8th street bridge, which crosses the I-405 in Bellevue, about 64 feet to a new location. Talk about work at speed. Here's the project details.
Designs for Virgin Atlantic sick bags
Some of these are quite cool.
Design for Chunks

November 04, 2004

Red vs. Blue
Purple Haze "I was thinking today about how the 'red v. blue' states graphic is really misleading considering the slim margins that the candidates won some of those states by, so I sat down and created the map that's attached."
Rosa Parks' mugshot
Rosa Parks' mugshot
"Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was photographed by Alabama cops following her February 1956 arrest during the Montgomery bus boycotts."
Just to add to my general sense of "the world not being that nice a place to live in...

"Hunters have shot dead the last female brown bear native to the Pyrenees, condemning the species to extinction and causing an "environmental catastrophe" for France, the government said./'

November 03, 2004

Bush wins
Kerry admits US election defeat. "Democratic challenger John Kerry has admitted defeat in the US election, giving President George W Bush a second term in office."
Watching the brain learn
This is apparently a "snapshot if a brain as it learns a new task". Quite how they know the brain is focused on just that task and not some of the other rubbish it also has to look after, I don't know, but I like the idea. Bit scary how the red dots are all over the place.

More: An Image of a Single Thought

November 02, 2004

Who cares about auditors?
Just been pointed at this lovely bit of politics by "friend: Jason" that's going on in my former state of Washington. Seems that the Republican party didn't look closely enough at the history of a "Will Baker" when they threw him in as candidate for State Auditor.

"Baker is described by his hometown paper, The News Tribune, as "a roadside flower salesman with a history of annoying elected officials." Since 1992, he's been booked into the Pierce County Jail 19 times, said Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Detective Ed Troyer. "

And this quote is just great: "We are stuck with him," said Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance. "It's somewhat embarrassing. We should have been more thorough in checking him out."
More here.

If you want a funk backdrop to your work try WeFunk - radio for your mind. Lots of show archives of funk tracks mixed live in the studio. Play them live off the site, or download them as MP3s.
Star Wars Masks
I love the idea that modern kids would still love to wear these 20 year old Star Wars cut-out masks. They are pretty cool, although the white circle where the eyes should be brings a whole new meaning to the phrase"don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes". Set phasers to stun.

November 01, 2004

Dog tongue toy
As a dog toy, I have to say that the Humunga Tongue really beats all. How else could you make your pet look so daft while making it happy all at the same time?

October 29, 2004

Diet food
Diet food
Presenting the con that is diet food. Exhibit A. Excitement over these Sainsbury's low fat treats leads to disappointment when it turns out that 80% of the packaging is air. Now THAT'S how they end up so low of fat...

October 27, 2004

Rock Lists
Julian's RockList Site - apart from some questionable music when you enter the site, this is a great resource of "best of" lists from music publications such as Q and NME, and awards like the Mercury Music Prize. Some lists date back as far as the 50s.
The iPod Photo
I'm not sure I really get the iPod Photo. I have to assume it's an evolutionary product on the way to somewhere (e.g. playing video).

To me, the iPod is about personal consumption of content. People close themselves into their world of music. The implication of this new product is that people will want to carry all their photos with them at all times in order to share them with other people. I'm not sure I buy that. I'm not sure that other people have the patience to go through more then a few dozen of someone elses photos. And photos have a half-life. I carry a few photos with me on my phone, but it's been a while since I've shown them to anybody. I rarely meet people now who haven't already seen photos of my wedding :-)

Video, though, IS about personal consumption (catching up on your TV shows and movies). The form-factor and storage of this device are right, the lack of video support is a problem.

Pez memory stick

October 26, 2004

John Peel dies
Legendary radio DJ John Peel dies. This is very sad, especially considering his age (only 64). He was the czar of alternative radio on Radio One for years. Probably the most open minded and inclusive DJ possible. Here's a search for "John Peel Sessions" on Amazon.co.uk.

"Right from the outset, Peel changed the rules. He played every track without interruption, to the delight of those wishing to tape his show, while providing a witty and knowledgeable running commentary, seemingly a million miles away from the transatlantic platitudes of many of his colleagues."

October 25, 2004

Weird squatter
Stranger moves in, redecorates whilewoman's on vacation. "DOUGLASVILLE, Georgia (AP) -- A woman came home from vacation to find a stranger living there, wearing her clothes, changing utilities into her name and even ripping out carpet and repainting a room she didn't like, authorities said." - CNN

October 21, 2004

Mount St. Helens
It's a bit dark there since it's night in Washington State at the moment for my time in the UK, but here's a webcam of Mount St. Helens. Maybe if you get lucky you'll be watching at an exciting moment...

October 20, 2004

Just Letters - collaborative/competitive magnetic letters.

October 15, 2004

The political compass
Here's a tool that attempts to help you put yourself on a matrix, politically, between that "left" and the "right" and "Authority" vs "Liberty".

October 11, 2004

The mother of all T-Shirt sites. "Threadless is an online, ongoing tee shirt design competition. Threadless receives over 200 tee shirt design submissions per week of which 4-6 of the highest scoring designs are printed and made available for purchase on our website each month. This system guarantees public interest in all of our product and has resulted in the discovery of some very amazing work over the years."
Rolling ball of stuff
Katamari for PS2: roll over stuff and get big - This game looks unusual and visually cool. Do you actually ever "win" if the goal is just to roll around and pick stuff up like a big ball of gum? Maybe there is no winning. Although there is a 2 player version.

October 09, 2004

A highly amusing online catalogue:
G.W. & Crew - Flip Flop

October 08, 2004

Real vs. virtual
"The Alter Ego exhibition in London juxtaposes a person's real life image with the virtual character s/he chooses to adopt in online games and 3D worlds."
Thought this mix of aerial and cartographic maps is pretty stunning.

October 06, 2004

Pigeon camera
Upgrade your Pigeon. "In 1903, Dr. Julius Neubronner patented a miniature pigeon camera activated by a timing mechanism."
The Flybar
A pogo stick that can jump more then 5 feet.

October 05, 2004

Leg waxing for men
Leg waxing for men
I've never seen this done at all, let alone on a man. Or with an audience. The pain goes without saying. It seems to leave very neat strips, like a newly mown garden.

October 02, 2004

SpaceShipOne makes flight one of two
Some great photos of Wednesday's successful flight by SpaceShipOne . It's going out on Monday for the second flight of the two it needs to take to win the Ansari X prize. This is really feel-good, "right stuff" science.

September 29, 2004

Treadmill/death machine
The sad thing is that I want one of these. I suspect they work pretty badly, but after trying out (and liking) a dance mat, I like the idea of taking that one step further and using an exercise machine to kill the denizens of Doom. I'm not sure it would work as well with stealth-like FPS' though...
Insane train
This is pretty insane. The Chinese have a magnetically levitated train that hits 268 mph. Apparently, if we had one in Europe we could do London to Paris in an hour. Instead, we have the Virgin high speed train that does, gasp, 140mph and was crippled on its first day by...a faulty wheel.

September 28, 2004

DVD movie server
Having all my CDs backed up and digital has seriously changed the way in which I consume music. I can listen to it anywhere, and through any convoluted playlist of songs across my whole music collection that I can imagine.

Next step for me is definitely to do the same thing with my DVDs. I'm fed up with having to sit on the floor at the top of our stairs where the DVD shelf is, trying to remember what we own and then figure out where it is. I want the same flexibility and ease of choice with my movies that I now have with my music.

This article is a step in the right direction in terms of giving me the basics.

Conservation of energy
This is just a reminder for me to read this PDF on simple and painless ways of saving energy at home.
Boeing limo
I don't know why, but this conversion of a Boeing 727 into a 50 seat limousine is so stupid it must be nothing short of genius.

September 27, 2004

A re-release of the 1984 text adventure of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy from Infocom. This time in Flash with (simple) pictures.
Bill Gates' mug shot
From The Smoking Gun.

September 26, 2004

Paul Smith window display #2
Paul Smith window display #2

George W cards.

Paul smith window display
Paul smith window display

The black olive
The black olive

Now with 50% less parking space.

September 24, 2004

Tube art
Tube art

London Underground tube art. One in a series. All with pandas.

Carrying clothing
I can't decide if coats for carrying stuff, like this Tumi Yellow Jacket are a good idea or not. I mean, what about the summer? Or what if you have more then one jacket? This one looks cool, though. Wonder what it's like when it's really bulging with hardware?
Gadget bags
Engadget has finally asked my ultimate question. What's the best gadget bag?.

The guy who posted the question doesn't want to also carry a laptop and SLR camera (weener) so he wouldn't be interested in my current bag of choice, the Crumpler Farmer's Double. I love Crumpler bags. Totally solid and comfortable, and the backpack format doesn't mess with my back like the messenger bags because it's center of gravity is in the right place and it's not pulling on just one shoulder.

Anti-Bush USPS
This is a design site called |:ni9e:|:. The work itself is cool, but the subversive little video showing them printing "The USPS does not acknowledge the authority of the Bush administration" onto United States Postal Service mailing stickers and then planting those stickers back into post offices is genius.

September 23, 2004

100% Tiles
I seem to remember something like this a few years ago, but it's still fun to see the results. 100% tiles is a competitiion held this year as part of London's 100% Design show with the challenge to design interesting bathroom tiles.

September 22, 2004

The Portobello Hotel
We stayed at the Portobello Hotel for our anniversary. A decent little hotel, hidden away west of the Portobello Road. Our room was the most basic of the double rooms, which was reasonably priced. Wish we'd sort of spent a bit more on one of the unusual and better finished Special Rooms.
Support our local Kubrick outlet, playlounge.
Swimming with MP3s
Is it dangerous to swim with an MP3 player?. Is this worse then walking down the sidewalk with headphones on? Maybe you wouldn't hear the cries of "shark". Roy Schneider wouldn't approve.

September 21, 2004

iPod scrollwheel
For some reason I derive tremendous satisfaction from the fact that Apple didn't design the scrollwheel on the iPod, particularly as this is seen as one of it's key innovations.

September 20, 2004

Pictures of you
If you're a stranger and you ever find a memory card with pictures of mine on it, please don't post them to a website and pretend that you know me. That's just weird and would freak me out. Get your own friends.

September 17, 2004

Art through GPS
I love this idea of GPS Drawing. As you move around you create an image. I quite like the tic-tac-toe game they played in downtown Hollywood.

Giving trees room to grow
Here's a newly developed urban soil. It's designed to go under pavements, giving them a compact enough structure to support the pavement itself, while not being so compact that trees can't grow through it. More trees in cities seem like a fine idea. Carbon Monoxide aside.

September 16, 2004

Flexible living
Wow. Now this is flexible living. A home with tracks built in that moves different cabinets automatically from one room to another. You can just change the use and content of any room on the fly. "The same space in the Allan Builders' Colridge model home at Pabst Farms' Eastlake Village subdivision transforms into a fitness center, children's play center, handyman workshop and all-purpose room."
Bubblegum Alley
I can't decide if BubbleGum Alley is disgusting, or some sort of refreshing public art.

September 03, 2004

Science Museum
Ingenious Tours of the never-before-displayed items in Blythe House at the Science Museum in London.

September 02, 2004

Ikea stampede
Three die in Saudi shop stampede. "A stampede of hundreds of shoppers in western Saudi Arabia has left at least three people crushed to death."
Minimal golf bag
I think the "A" frame golf bag is pretty cool. Then again, I don't play golf, so what do I know.

September 01, 2004

Cool wallets
Not quite big enough to hold all my junk, but these custom designed wallets are quite appealing.
Lithographic furniture
Beautiful furniture made with stereo lithography.

August 31, 2004

9/11 toys
This is just bizarre. 14,000 bags of candy accidentally ship to stores containing small toys depicting an aircraft flying into the World Trade Center. I mean, how does that happen? Who made the toys? What exactly would constitute the "ideal" market for them?

August 30, 2004

Push toy
I thought this plywood push toy was great. I can imagine you get quite a bit of shock absorption in it, especially when you take this puppy off road.

August 28, 2004

Paper Transformers
PaperFormers. Just print and play.
Wedding guide
Seattle Bride Resource Guide 2004 - take a look at the picture in the top-left of the cover of this book. Pretty funny. 2 years ago, now.

August 26, 2004

PGS jogging
I like the idea of watching a line representing your route gradually appear on your watch as you jog along. Then again, I'm a watch freak.

August 25, 2004

Hamster power
Build your own Hamster-Powered Night Light. Syrian hampsters recommended, since they are nocturnal, but remember to leave them in a room other then your bedroom.

August 24, 2004

"New" wireless laws
So Weirdly Wrong. This is a fun if unsettling, account of a conversation between a guy sitting OUTSIDE a library, using its wireless internet connection, and a policeman, who comes up to stop him. According to the policeman, new federal laws prohibit "theft of signal". What a weird thing to make up.
Veer: Ideas: Wallpaper. Lots of cool desktop wallpapers.
Where logos go to die
iTunes downloads
Here's a program that allows you to connect to, and download songs from, a shared iTunes library.

August 20, 2004

RealNetworks hipocrisy
Hypocrite, Thy Name Is Real. An article from Fred von Lohmann at the Electronic Frontier Foundation about how RealNetworks current "Freedom of Music Choice" barage against Apple is a little, shall we say, rich, coming from a company well known for giving it's users little choice, musically.
Bitter Greens
Bitter Greens is a daily blog by a girl called Lulu telling the simple things that happen every day to her through cartoons.

(Thanks Dan)
Cleartype tuner
Cleartype is a technology on Windows that makes fonts look much smoother and easier to read if you're using a laptop or flatscreen monitor. Here's an online Cleartype tuner that helps you set the technology up so it works best with your flatscreen.

August 18, 2004

Let them sing it for you
Let them sing it for you - type some text in the text box and here an audio-sentence prepared by cutting up words from different pieces of music. You might need to be a bit creative with what you type since their database is by no means exhaustive. I couldn't find the words "headphones" or "husband", for example.
The ultimate breakfast machine
Three-in-One Breakfast Toaster Coffee Machine Egg Boiler. I can't imagine a better machine to wake up to.
I want one of those
iwantoneofthose.com - a site for "stuff you don't need but you really, really want."
iPod cradle
A cool, if a little bulky, iPod cradle from Kubrick.

August 17, 2004

Mmm Bodum
Another thing to add to the list of desirable Bodum items.

August 16, 2004

Helth department shuts down lemonade stand
Apology Given for Lemonade Stand Closing. Well, they WERE selling dangerous ice!!
Design Hotels
Finally, an organization that lists the coolest hotels around the globe.

August 13, 2004

LiveStrong bracelets
Looks like the Livestrong bracelets that I gave out to family over July 4th weekend have taken off like hot cakes (not that hot cakes can fly). 8 million sold. A million on backorder. And selling well over price on eBay (I wonder if the Lance Armstrong foundation gets anything from an eBay sale?)
The cute PC
Only from Japan. The cutest PC ever, based on a Gundam character.

August 11, 2004

SIGGRAPH 2004: Computer Graphics Go Virtual. This is what I'm at at the moment.
As TV signals die so does alien communication
This article in the New Scientist reminds me of that amazing intro to the movie Contact with Jodie foster, which follows the radio waves of terrestrial TV transmission out into space. The camera flies out from Earth with the audio of the television transmission in the background. The further the camera gets from Earth, the further back in time the transmissions get, until it gets far enough away that it catches up with the first TV broadcast that could have been heard from space. Ironically, it's a speech by Hitler at the 1936 Olympics in Munich.

The irony now is that as technology advances we rely less and less on terrestrial broadcasts, and more and more on cable or satellite TV. Those transmissions that leak into space, the first thing an alien would probably "hear" from our planet, are drying up. Earth is going quiet.

August 10, 2004

How to complain
How to Complain - "demonstrating excellence in complaints handling". I love the simple promise of this site. "Find the organisation you want to complain to...simply fill in the specially designed form...click 'submit' to send your complaint".

August 09, 2004

Lewis Carrol's Scrpbook
Lewis Carroll Scrapbook. Posted by the Library of Congress.
Personalized public space
Turf-carpeted call-box at Aussie grocery store. As Cory points out, this is a cool example of someone wanting to make an environment more comfortable for others. As long as it doesn't get too wet. Or too attractive for dogs.

Boing Boing

August 08, 2004

Trouser shaped radiator
The heat_horse, a pants-drying radiator. I guess I could make some jokes about what a radiator that dried British pants would be shaped like.
Personally, though, I'd prefer a radiator that's shaped like a towel. Oh wait. That would be a plain rectangle...
Predicta TVs
The Official Predicta Television Site! - refurbished Telstar TVs.
99 rooms
99ROOMS.COM - I don't THINK there's a goal. But the rooms are atmospheric.

August 07, 2004

The Phonesafe. This is where Spiderman might keep his phone. Except I guess it might end up getting in the way of the bit of his wrist where his web-stuff jets out.

August 06, 2004

August 04, 2004

Citizen Alterna Watch
Citizen Alterna Watch - another (unavailable) watch to slather over.
Independent Stormtroopers
The Ohio Garrison of Storm Troopers on parade on July 4th.

Boing Boing

August 03, 2004

Space Invaders shot
Here's a shot I took of the Space Invader we saw yesterday.
Space Invaders
SPACE INVADERS - we had dinner in Neal's Yard, near Covent Garden today, and I noticed one of these moasic space invaders on the wall. It had small mirrored squares for eyes.

August 02, 2004

How to be creative
gapingvoid: how to be creative - a list from hugh "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards" macleod
Tiger Woods hits balls into the gulf
Tiger Woods hits balls into the gulf. What a cool perk for Tiger Woods, hitting golf balls from the helicopter pad of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, into the waters of the Arabian Gulf 321 metres below. Photos here. Story here.

July 30, 2004

The Dell Gateway girl turns up again
The Dell/Gateway girl strikes again!

July 29, 2004

Arts and Crafts blog
Hewn and Hammered - arts and crafts blog
David Hasslehoff, Bluetooth Spokesperson
David Hasslehoff, Bluetooth Spokesperson

July 28, 2004

Dolphin submarine
Bionic Dolphin - Dolphin submarine can perform jumps and barrel rolls.

July 27, 2004

A piece of trash a day
TRASHLOG - A piece of trash a day

July 26, 2004

Be a ball of tar
Gish - be a ball of tar - cool, cheap 2d platformer with interesting physics.

July 22, 2004

Electr-O-Sketch - computer controlled Etch A Sketch. Feels like cheating. I know.

July 21, 2004

10 10k runs at various stately homes
Cancer Research UK 10 - 10 10k runs at various stately homes

July 20, 2004

Nice example of virtual page turning
badlystitched :: scrapbook collection - Nice example of virtual page turning
Mercury Prize 2004
2004 Nationwide Mercury Prize - nominees announced
T-shirt subscriptions
k adorable the perfect t-shirt - T-shirt subscriptions.

July 16, 2004

July 14, 2004

A japanese hierarchy of pathetic-ness
A japanese hierarchy of pathetic-ness

July 08, 2004

Visual Pinball
Visual Pinball - Pinball machine emulator

June 28, 2004

Pouring the Perfect Pint
Beer device cheers football fans - Pouring the Perfect Pint.

June 25, 2004

Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong
WearYELLOW LiveSTRONG - Lance Armstrong foundation

June 24, 2004

a very big truck
T 282 B - a very big truck.
MAYWADENKI - 26 Nonsense machines

June 22, 2004

Tokyo Plastic
tokyoplastic v.2 - some slick flash animations

June 21, 2004

Indian Spiderman
Indian Spiderman - Peter Parker becomes Pavitr Prabhakar.

June 19, 2004

Ben Wilson
Chairfix - a snap out chair

June 18, 2004

Bicycle dot-matrix printer
Dot matrix bicycle - "prints" messages on the floor as you bike.

June 17, 2004

iTrip antenna
TWW - itrip_amp - iTrip antenna. Boost your iTrip.
Dark Passage
Dark Passage - a site for urban archaeology
Matt Lyons, a rambling Fool?
Matt Lyons, a rambling Fool? - Matt has finally joined the land of Blog.

June 10, 2004

Adults playing with Lego
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY - Adults playing with Lego to foster team building. That's my kind of play.
Finding amusing place names near you
Amusing places close to you - for those not in the UK, here are the one's near us

June 08, 2004

London ducks
London ducks are noisier and more brash then ducks from Cornwall.

June 07, 2004

The new Seattle public library
Seattle's new library

June 04, 2004

Sticking stuff together with glue
This to That - Glue advice on what to use to stick different materials together

June 03, 2004

SuckUK Product Design
SUCK UK - Home of the gun vase and the LED mirror.
Dunny Show
DUNNY SHOW - 50 "Dunnys" (whatever they are) decorated by different artists.

June 02, 2004

Following a message in a bottle by GPS
Following a message in a bottle by GPS
Flash animations of Japanese prints
Flash animations of Japanese prints - in Japanese. Just click the links in the Gallery section on the right.

June 01, 2004

May 28, 2004

Watching paint dry
Watching Paint Dry - an alternative to reality TV.

May 27, 2004

Build a chair in 90 days that fits in a FedEx box
Un_Fold Chair Design Contest: 90 Days, 200lbs, and a FedEx Box - Build a chair in 90 days that fits in a FedEx box

May 24, 2004

Heavy Backpack
Heavy Backpack - a catalogue of design creatives
Modern house plans
Welcome to LaMiDesign.com/Plans - modern house plans/

Abandoned Japanese island
Gukanjima - View of an Abandoned Island Beautiful photos of an abandoned island, formally the most densely populated in the world. Here's a link directly to the pictures.

Character design and art site
p i c t o p l a s m a - contemporary character design and art

May 21, 2004

Decent online conversion site
Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
Political donators around our old house
Political donators - around our old house in Kirkland
Pen reviews
Pendemonium - great review of some pens, including sketches of the pens using the pens.

May 20, 2004

Phaidon contemporary architecture atlas
THE PHAIDON ATLAS - contemporary architecture atlas

May 19, 2004

Lorum Ipsum generator
Lorem Ipsum - Generator2 - generates Latin text, often used as nonsense in graphic design layouts.
Time adds RSS feeds
RSS Feed for TIME.com - more and more major publications are adding newsfeeds.

May 18, 2004

Wooden boatbuilders trade association - Thames region
Wooden boatbuilders trade association - Thames region - just in case we ever need it.

May 17, 2004

Postmodern cat bed
Postmodern Pets - Beatle Bed - great site if your cat insists on all things Modern.

Eva Solo - German lifestyle products
Eva Solo - Some beutiful products in this site. Check out the birdtable in the Living section.

Built it yourself Start Wars space station
The Woman's Day Star Wars Playset - a self build space station from from 1978, with working conveyor belt!

May 13, 2004

May 12, 2004

Maschinen Krieger Visual Reference
Maschinen Krieger Visual Reference

May 11, 2004

May 10, 2004

May 07, 2004

Groovetube - Disco lighting from your TV
Lawrence Lessig on copyright on NPR
Lawrence Lessig on copyright on NPR
Ordering pizza through command line
Command-line pizza-orderator - Boing Boing
Watch the Merchants of Cool online
the merchants of cool - PBS
300 Images From 1800 Sites
300 Images From 1800 Sites. Thanks Ario.

May 06, 2004

Comparing Google to other search methods
Comparing Google to other search methods

May 05, 2004

Eyewear for dogs

May 04, 2004

April 23, 2004

MacDonalds promotional material creator
MacDonalds promotional material creator
Rotary phone web page dialer
Phone Dial Web Browser

April 22, 2004

Top Amazon items as RSS feeds
Top Amazon items as RSS feeds - Lockergnome

April 21, 2004

Text messaging chandelier
The text message chandelier - Engadget

April 20, 2004

Andy Warhol soup cans for sale
Andy Warhol soup cans for sale - NewsCom
I used to work here
I used to work here - PDD

April 19, 2004

April 16, 2004

Terraserver famous places
Famous Places - Terraserver

April 13, 2004

April 10, 2004

April 09, 2004

Windows Noise - Flabber.nl
Windows Noise - Flabber.nl

April 08, 2004

April 05, 2004

Homemade Tron outfits
Homemade Tron outfits - Tron Sector

April 03, 2004

One site, Many Style Sheets
One site, many style sheets - Zen Garden

April 01, 2004

March 25, 2004

Deck of card cool design website - intentionallies

March 24, 2004

March 22, 2004

Analogue design.culture bookshop
::::analogue:::: design is your friend - a bookshop

March 14, 2004

London shop fronts
London street fronts - Street Sensation!

March 11, 2004

March 10, 2004

Retro handheld games
Retro handheld games - HANDHELDEN
Nicest iPod cases I've seen
Coolest iPod cases - Vaja

March 09, 2004

Giant, furry microbes

March 04, 2004

March 02, 2004

February 24, 2004

Liquid man
A liquid man in flash

February 23, 2004

Fighting robots
Videos of fighting robots - Robo-olympics

February 20, 2004

February 18, 2004

sketchbooks - Corey Senderov Jackson

February 17, 2004

The Creatures in my Head
the Creatures in my Head - Daily illustrations by Andrew Bell

February 11, 2004

Bill Gates' house in paper
Paper cutout of Bill Gate's House - PaperToys.com

February 09, 2004

February 08, 2004

From here to Modernity
From here to Modernity - Open University

February 06, 2004

February 05, 2004

London Underground art - Platform
London Underground art - Platform for Art
Complexification | Gallery of Computation
Complexification | Gallery of Computation

February 04, 2004

The return of the Chopper
The return of the Chopper - Raleigh
Map of political book purchasing patterns
Political Patterns in Amazon book buying - orgnet.com

January 30, 2004

Find a famous person's grave
Find a famous person's grave - findagrave.com
Sharing web registrations
Sharing web registrations - BugMeNot.com

January 27, 2004

Guardian NetNotes
Guardian NetNotes. Stories in links - Guardian Unlimited

January 26, 2004

Radio masts disguised as trees
Radio masts disguised as trees - The Register
XBox Media Player
Xbox Media Player allows streaming of media to your XBox

January 25, 2004

Ken Shuttleworth house
Crescent House - stunning house we saw on Grand Design by Ken Shuttleworth of Foster & Partners

January 20, 2004

Girl with x-ray vision
A Girl with X-ray vision - PRAVDA.Ru

January 19, 2004

Michelle's blog
Michelle McGee's blog tiltawhirl
Ryan's blog
Ryan McGee's blog - horse hockey
Animation maths in Lingo
Animation Math in Lingo - jmckell.com

January 14, 2004

January 13, 2004

Zip code locator
zipdecode - ben fry

January 05, 2004

Kaori and Douglas' website
bampot - Kaori and Douglas' website

December 20, 2003

Social Suicide
New fashions from some friends - Social Suicide

December 15, 2003

December 04, 2003

Mario paper models
Mario paper models - gotorion.com

December 03, 2003

Don Norman's recommended reading
Don Norman's recommended reading - JND.org

December 02, 2003

Cool brushes and stuff for PS and Illustrator
Cool brushes and stuff for PS and Illustrator - DigitalMediaDesigner.com

November 24, 2003

November 20, 2003

Movie Mistakes
Trash your favorite movie - moviemistakes.com

November 19, 2003

Daniel Shiffman cool interfaces
Swarm and other cool reactive displays. - Daniel Shiffman
Browse the news through images
Browse the news through images - News-Images.com
Hotspot directory
Hotspot directory - HotSpot Hotel

November 18, 2003

101 (mostly English) things we don't miss
101 (mostly English) things we don't miss - Guardian Unlimited
Use you Mac iPod on a Windows machine
Xplay allows you to use a Mac formatted iPod on a Windows PC.
Top 10 internet fads
Top Ten Internet Fads - kuro5hin.org
Unusual clocks
Unusual clocks - Klockwerks
Nielson's list of top 10 homepage design mistakes
Ten Most Violated Homepage Design Guidelines. I should try applying these to my homepage someday. - Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox

November 17, 2003

Amazon Early Adopters
Here's a new Amazon feature, done by an ex-Microsoft friend of ours that shows you what items are being bought by people who are typically "early adopters", i.e. what will be cool soon - Amazon
Shannon and Steve
Here's a picture of Shannon with Steve Sinofsky at the launch of Office in China. Steve is the one in the green shirt. - Tech.sina.com.cn

November 16, 2003

Shannon's Shanghai Bar
Here's a cool bar that Shannon went to in Shanghai - TMSK

November 11, 2003

Carl's house
Carl Ledbetter's cool house - The Seattle Times

October 30, 2003

TechTV blooper
TechTV Blooper - Video file

October 29, 2003

MS firing for blog entry
MS firing for blog entry - eclecticism

October 28, 2003

Longhorn coverage
Longhorn coverageCNET News.com

October 27, 2003

Solor weather
Some beautiful shots of the magnetic storms taking place on the sun. - NASA's SOHO project

October 24, 2003

A chinese home
This is a beautiful record of Yin Yu Tang, A Chinese Home. Look especially at the geneology tree, and the videos of the way the house is constructed. - Peabody Essex Museum

October 23, 2003

X10 files for bancruptcy
X10 files for bancruptcy - Seattle Times

October 22, 2003

As we may think
Stunning how close he got, in 1945, in As We May Think - Vannevar Bush

October 17, 2003

iTunes for Windows
iTunes for Windows - Apple

October 16, 2003

Dog beats man in breath test
Dog beats man in breath test - MSNBC

October 09, 2003

Produce vectors from 3D
Swift 3D Vector Solutions from 3D Studio - Electric Rain
Ultrashock Flash Reference Site
Good flash reference site - ultrashock.com
Tutorials for 3Ds Max
3D Studio Max tutorials - 3D Cafe

October 07, 2003

Find local wi-fi hotspots
Find local Wi-Fi hotspots - Wi-Fi Alliance
Differences between EU and Italy
Animation of Italian and "European" differences - Peoresnada.com
Awesome doodler
An awesome doodler. - jonburgman.com

October 04, 2003

Betting on the future
Betting on the future - Foresight Exchange

September 30, 2003

Global rich list
Find out how rich you are, globally. - Global Rich List

September 24, 2003

IDEO method cards
IDEO Method Cards - ideo.com

September 17, 2003

Lehman's Non-Electric
Lehman's Non-Electric Store - for times of trouble

September 16, 2003

September 10, 2003

Rob Girling's latest game, for
Rob Girling's latest game, for the Pocket PC - Warfare Incorporated
A cassette drive for your
A cassette drive for your PC - Plusdeck

September 08, 2003

Earshot Jazz Photo Gallery ::
Earshot Jazz Photo Gallery :: Bumbershoot 2003 - Shots from Steve Cline

September 05, 2003

iPod killer? - Philips Jukebox
iPod killer? - Philips Jukebox

September 04, 2003

A physical digital museum -
A physical digital museum - ARS Electronica
Translating terms that occur in
Translating terms that occur in Windows - MSDN
Towel Amnesty Day - Holiday
Towel Amnesty Day - Holiday Inn
New online design magazine -
New online design magazine - IDANDA

September 03, 2003

Cartoons drawn from memory -
Cartoons drawn from memory - Bad Toon Rising
Bella Rugosa - our florist
Bella Rugosa - our florist of choice

September 01, 2003

The Center of the World
The Center of the World - New York: A Documentary Film | PBS

August 15, 2003

How everyday things are made.
How everyday things are made. - Stanford University

August 14, 2003

The Nissan Figaro - AutoSupplyUK.com
The Nissan Figaro - AutoSupplyUK.com
The Sloop Inn - St
The Sloop Inn - St Ives
The Regent Hotel - St
The Regent Hotel - St Ives
Welcome to Blue Hayes Private
Welcome to Blue Hayes Private Hotel - St Ives
CarbisBayHotel - St Ives
CarbisBayHotel - St Ives
Wi-Fi Photo Transmission - Nikon
Wi-Fi Photo Transmission - Nikon USA: WT-1

August 07, 2003

August 04, 2003

August 01, 2003

July 30, 2003

July 15, 2003

- Microsoft blogging article
- Microsoft blogging article
- firstborn multimedia
- words and photos - by Charlotte Lowrie

July 11, 2003

July 04, 2003

July 02, 2003

- Cinemabox UK -
- Cinemabox UK - Plasma Screens etc
- Robert Whyte Ltd - Plasma TVs etc
- The Matrix in ascii
- The Register - 128Mb USB watch
- eyegonomic

June 30, 2003

June 23, 2003

June 18, 2003

June 17, 2003

June 11, 2003

June 06, 2003

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March 27, 2003

March 22, 2003

Following the war
I've been looking at this MSNBC site, which is the best thing I've found for following what's going on in Iraq. It's impersonal, giving you about the same feeling of connection with what's actually going on as the Major League Baseball website does to a real baseball game (and the game analogy fits). It all feels negatively voyeuristic, but it's the only thing I can find that maps names to real places for me.

March 21, 2003

March 20, 2003

March 18, 2003

March 17, 2003

March 16, 2003

March 15, 2003

March 13, 2003

March 07, 2003

- Designgraphik - WeWorkForThem
- Designgraphik
- WeWorkForThem

March 06, 2003

March 04, 2003

March 03, 2003

February 28, 2003

Jargon buster
Made up jargon of the day:
Becoming more passionate then normal about your home country just because you're in someone elses.