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May 29, 2003

May 20, 2003

May 16, 2003

Small piles
Our lives have been temporarily reduced to a small pile of bags and boxes in Matt and Julie's spare room. I'm not quite sure how we're going to fill our weekend.

May 15, 2003

Packing off the cat
Things are getting close. Yesterday Sidney was packed off to Willowslea Farm, a Quarantine Center near Heathrow, for a month and a half vacation, courtesy of a seat just below coach-class on British Airways. She arrived safe and whining. Today the house closes, which is sad because it will no longer be our home. But we're getting closer and closer to leaving. Currently looks like next Thursday will be the big day, then on to the next adventure.

May 14, 2003

May 11, 2003

May 07, 2003

May 03, 2003

Customs exit
The exit point from possibly the most miserable customs and immigration experience in the world.

May 01, 2003

Flags on a pedestrian bridge.