Personal photos
Paris Long Weekend
Shannon and I spent a long weekend in Paris, seeing the sights (Shannon's first time) and attending the Race of Champions with Michael Schumacher at the Stade de France.
Nike RunLondon
Shannon and Sarah run the Nike RunLondon 10k late one wintery, Sunday night. Richard looks on.
Yaz and Sarah Visit
Yaz, Sarah and Alexander. Shots of an afternoon walk along the Thames.
Shannon had a team meeting in Athens so I took the chance to join her for a short holiday.
Mum, Shannon and I took off for a week in a small cottage near Limerick. Lots of walking and Guiness.
Peters' Family Reunion 2004
This one in Neosho over July 4th. Packed with fireworks and weather.
Seattle visit #5
Back to Seattle again. Some shots with Heidi and John, and out boating on Lake Washington on Bram and Adie's 24 footer.
Car and boat
A shot of the Smart car and the boat we never bought
Angus Samuel Richard Banks
"Gus" was born to Sarah and Karl on Saturday 29th May 2004. A healthy 8lbs 11oz. I'm a very happy uncle.
Walking tour along the Cinque Terre
This stretch of Italian coastline, with small tracks connecting the 5 towns of the Cinque Terre, was awesome. Days of walking, eating and sleeping. Perfect.
Watching Lee in the London Marathon
Judy and Lee came to London for the Marathon (Lee running, Judy as supporter #1). We chased Lee by underground to 5 different points on the course.
A few days in Santa Barbara
We spent a few days at the Spanish Garden Inn in Santa Barbara. Here are a few shots, plus a couple with Heidi and John at Safeco watching a miserable Mariner's defeat.
On the river with Karl and Tig
A very pleasant afternoon helping Tig move his canal boat about 10 miles down the Thames. It's a start.
Picnic at Ankerwycke
A small, lunchtime picnic with Richard, Shannon and Sarah at Ankerwycke, a little known bit of National Trust property hidden across the Thames from Runnymede.
Sarah Sosiak visits
Lots of times
Sarah spent a couple of weeks with us (at least, while she wasn't cavorting around Paris). We managed a day in Bath, some serious London time, and a UK Mother's Day.
Sandy and Rodney's visit
Visits from the US parental contingent, including a very cultural day out in Cambridge.
Seattle Visit #4
A random collection of shots from the week and a half we spent in Seattle for work.
Towpath Frost
Some shots taken along the towpath on a frosty day.
Samantha & Josh's Reception
We spent 4 days help prepare for and then celebrate the marriage of Samantha, Shannon's sister, to Josh Terrell, at Sandy and Rodney's house in Neosho, Missour.
Home: The whole story
This is a better organized set of pictures for our new house, which are organized into what it looked like before we bought it, while we were working on it, and now things are starting to look right, plus some shots of the countryside around us.
Martijn and Birgit's wedding
Talking of finally getting hitched. 'Bout time too.
Yaz and Sarah's Wedding
Yaz and Sarah finally get hitched.
First Anniversary
We spent 4 days way down in Cornwall at St. Ives, celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Can't believe its been a year.
Moving In 2
I'm putting a few more shots of the house as it progresses. This album shows the floors going down, and the delivery of our stuff.
Thames House
We're finally moved in. Sort of. We're here. With paintbrushes and hitting things. We're making some...changes. Before the rest of our stuff arrives.
Runnymede Walk
Dances with cows.
More shots of the fields around the house we're trying to buy.
Race for Life
Mum, Shannon and Sarah walked the Race for Life in a park in Reading, to help raise money for breast cancer.
Shannon meets Grandad Cook
Grandad didn't manage to make it to our wedding, so this was (finally) a chance for Shannon and him to meet. We spent the day in Eastbourne, and took a walk along the waterfront with him.
Thames House
Here's a house in Egham that we're considering buying. It's right by the Thames River towpath, across from the Runnymede National Trust property.
Staying with Matt and Julie
Matt and Julie put up with us, and put us up, for a week while we were "between countries". We found a bunch of bizarre Barbie limbs on one of our treks. Backlash?
Our empty house
Shots from my last few minutes in our (ex)house in Kirkland. We're sad we couldn't keep it.
House hunting
Here's a description and some shots of the kind of places Shannon and I are looking at living in the UK.
Portland for the last time (for now)
A weekend in Portland with Ryan, Michelle, Dan, Shaun and Gail. See also the Gordon House.
Whidby with the Peters
Sandy and Rodney visited for a week, to help out with the house. These are some photos from a day of relief.
Neosho, Missouri
Finally, Shannon and I had time to visit Rodney and Sandy's very cool old house in Neosho.
Snowboarding in Baker
A weekend with Matt and Julie in Glacier, near Mount Baker. Some snowboarding WAS done, although the pictures don't show it.
Official wedding photos
We've finally got a few of Frank's photos from the wedding up on the site. We're really happy with them. Hopefully in the next month some of the "unofficial" ones should be posted.
London over Thanksgiving
A quick visit to England to spend a few days with Mum, Sarah and Karl.
Chinese Honeymoon, Beijing
Our first 5 days in China. The Forbidden City. The Great Wall. And plenty of time to ourselves just to wander around and soak it all in (and recover from the interesting driving).
Chinese Honeymoon, Xi 'An
Jogging past people doing Tai Chi at 8am, near the 30 foot wide city wall, and then seeing the amazing Terra-Cotta Warriors. Something else.
Chinese Honeymoon, Wuhan to Chongqing via the Yangtze River
Soaking in the beautiful scenery, and coming to grips with the amount of change that is about to happen to 1.3 million people when the whole area is flooded and underwater by another 120 meters is pretty mind blowing. Topped off by the best, spiciest, hot-potest food in China once we got to Chongqing.
Chinese Honeymoon, Guilin
Guilin is the land of the beautiful, lumpy, green hills that you always see in Chinese paintings. Very beautiful. Quite a place to go cycling.
Chinese Honeymoon, Hong Kong
Spoilt rotten at the Peninsula Hotel, and back in a distinctly English and American lap. Hong Kong is high-rises and money, and a great way to end the trip.
Roche Harbor
I tried to make it a surprise for Shannon, but a rogue fax from Kenmore Air put an end to that. Anyway, the flight was cool and Roche Harbor, in the San Juan's, is really beautiful.
Greenlake Rowing Club
Some shots in and around the newly rebuilt storage building at the Greenlake Rowing Club.
Bend, Oregon
Well, the plan was to run the Sunriver half marathon. We made it to Bend. Our bags (and shoes) made it to California. Thanks Horizon. Still, we made it to the Crooked River Roundup. My first rodeo! In Prineville.
Visiting Ryan and Michelle
This was our second trip to stay with Ryan and Michelle in their cool house overlooking downtown Portland.
Mum's visit
Mum's second grand tour of Seattle, this time without Sarah. Most of these shots are from our day off in the San Juan's.
A long weekend on my own (mostly). After 550 miles of driving I'd seen the Grand Canyon at dawn, the Mariners playing the Angels, for a $4 entry fee, and Taliesin West, the summer retreat of Frank Lloyd Wright and his "Fellowship" (read students).
10 extremely nice days spent knocking around the island of Oahu, snorkeling, driving, shopping. All the fun stuff.
Sandy's 60th Surprise
Little did Sandy know that her children (and husband) were planning THIS little get together!
Washington Coast and Portland
We took a week long trip to the Washington Coast and stayed in the Lighthouse Keepers residence at North Head, near Long Beach. Very cool spot. Good sunsets. After that we drove down to Portland and did nothing.
Sarah and Karl's Wedding
Sarah and Karl get hitched, deep in the Sussex countryside, attended to by friends and family.
Shannon and Samantha walk for 3 days
Shannon and Samantha joined 3,000 other women (and a few men) in a 60 mile, blister-filled walk from Enumclaw to the Seattle Center. 100 people dropped out in the first day from heat exhaustion. Not these two.
Mariners Vs Texas Rangers - 11 6
Photos from an awesome Mariner's baseball game, against Alex Rodriguez' Texas Rangers. From the boos for A-Rod, to the "Boone's" for Boone, the game was full of atmosphere and Mooses.
Memorial weekend in Philadelphia
We spent a weekend with "The Marksteins" and "The Peters" in Westchester, Philadelphia.
Vancouver Half Marathon
Includes elegant photos of us with Heidi, John and friends, as well as sweat soaked shots taken with a disposable while we ran the race itself.
Sarah and Karl's visit to Seattle
Sarah and Karl came over to Seattle for a surprise visit to celebrate my birthday, which was all very nice.
Various shots in Seattle
These are kind of random, but they are mainly from the Seattle Center, of the Space Needle and of a friend in a Capoeira performance.
Safeco Field
Shots are of downtown Seattle, and Safeco Field, where the Mariners play (baseball).
A visit to London
I stopped in London for a couple of days on a recruiting trip, and managed to go and see the amazingly old and beautiful church where Sarah and Karl are planning on getting married.
New Year in Cabo St. Lucas, Mexico
Here was the warm part of our holidays.
Christmas in New York
If you've already looked at the pictures in New York from the Architecture column to the left then these are the same. Kind of hard to figure out what to do when the trip is both personal and architectural.
Whidbey Island with Heidi and John
We spent a pretty cool and relaxing weekend on Whidbey Island in a "cabin" (using the term very loosely) with Heidi and John.
Thanksgiving 2000
Photos from the second annual Thanksgiving visit with the Peters family-singers, in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Huskies game
OK, strictly speaking this was our weekend "away" at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle, hence the photos through blinds. But most of the photos are of a Huskies game against... some other team... Portland I think. Anyway, Seattle won.
Pumpkin carving
Photos from the Second Annual (which is at least better then First Annual) S and R Pumpkin Carving Party.
Shannon's House 2
Here are a set of photos I took around and of the house (and the cat, obviously!)
The TT
What can I say? This is pure car worship. Please forgive me...
Meriel and Lenny's wedding
Meriel and Lenny's Wedding on Guernsey.
South of France
Holiday in Antibes, in the South of France.
La Jolla
Shannon and I in La Jolla.
Flight to Victoria
Christmas '99
The Cat
views from the house
The Oregon Coast
The Lake District
29th Birthday
Puallup Fair
London Walk
London marathon
Brands Hatch
Trip to Missouri
Whistler '99
Moving In
Party at the Apartment
Shannon's House
The Apartment
Lilith Fair
Whitewater Rafting
 architecture\design photos
The Getty Museum, L. A.
I was a little underwhelmed by this place. 100 boat-loads of Italian Travertine marble seems very L.A.
Walt Disney Hall #2, L.A.
A second set of shots of this Gehry classic. This time without the construction.
Seattle Public Library
I can't get over what an amazing building this is, and how lucky Seattle is to have it.
The Weather Project
An amazing, massive installation at the Tate Modern gallery in London. The sun. At the end of a large room.
VW Transparent Factory, Dresden
I was lucky enough to be in Dresden giving a talk, and managed to visit this amazing concept in car production from VW.
Kelmscott Manor
This is the summer home of William Morris, near the source of the Thames River. He bought it as a private place where his wife, Janey, and his friend, Rosetti, could have an affair out of site of gossip. Apparently.
The Walt Disney Concert Hall
Another Gehry great. This time a tall Bilbao. If only EMP had been a.on this great a location and b.finished in titanium.
The Gordon House
Another Frank Lloyd Wright to add to my collection. This one is the only one in Portland.
Alki Beach
Some shots along Alki beach in West Seattle. Yes, I found more rust.
I-90 pedestrian bridge
I tried yet another pedestrian bridge for shots. Then a Lutheran church. Then an abandoned mall.
The museum of glass
Tacoma is working hard to tidy up its waterfront. The Museum of Glass is its latest (and coolest) addition.
A very British car show
300 Very British Cars, including Triumphs, MGs, Morgans, Minis, all packed into the parking lot of Bellevue Community College.
Another 405 pedestrian bridge
Can't get over my fascination with pedestrian bridges, lit up at night by the glow of street lights and headlights.
Shots taken during U.K. stay in September '01
These are a pretty varied set of photos that I took of buildings and places during my stay in the U.K. for Sarah's wedding. They include some shots of the Media Center at Lord's Cricket Ground, and a lot of other randomness.
405 bridge and other night shots
These are shots of a pedestrian bridge over the 405 and some night shots of a mall near Kirkland . The daytime shots were taken a while ago. The bridge is a great place to practice long exposures of car headlights at night.
Random Pictures, Random Places
Finally I have a place to dump all the pictures that I've taken that I like, but that don't fit in a big bucket. They're a bit random because of that.
Montlake Bridge, Seattle
I went on a walking tour organized by Seattle's Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) that focused on industrial buildings and locations. These shots are taken at, in and on Montlake Bridge, the first stop on the tour.
The Kalakala Ferry, Seattle
The Kalakala is an old art deco ferry that use to run routes in the Puget Sound area. It's currently undergoing much needed restoration after spending quite a few years in dry dock as a cannery in Alaska.
Eastlake Modernism Tour, Seattle
These are shots from a tour of modern houses that I took, organised by the Historic Seattle Society, who work at preserving Seattle's architecture, including more recent buildings such as these.
Vintage cars, Redmond
I was searching for an early morning coffee when I found a group of guys setting up for a vintage car rally in Redmond Town Center.
Trucks, Seattle
I don't know...they just look cool.
St.Ignatius Chapel, Seattle
From Steven Holl, the Bellevue Art Museum guy. I like this building so much more because of the colored glass, and how much more approachable the interior is because it's intimate.
Burke Gilman Trail
Shots of a swoopy wooden bridge, and the underside of a I-405 overpass definitely won't appeal to all, but I think they're kind of cool.
Bellevue Art Museum
Here are some shots of the exterior of the Bellevue Art Museum. I'm not sure what I think of the exterior of the building. I like the color, some of the contrast between white and red, but the museum matches the shopping mall across the road, which worries me. I like the interior.
The British Museum, London
While I was back in London for a few days on a recruiting trip I stopped by the British Museum. The Great Court, which surrounds the circular Reading Room at the center of the museum, has been enclosed by a huge glass canopy. The space created is light (even on the gray day that I visited) and vast.
New York and the Guggenheim
OK, this is the same trip as the one to New York in the column to the right, but there are a bunch of pictures in here of buildings (yes, hard to avoid in NY) that make me want to stick a link in this column also.
Chicago and Frank Lloyd Wright
Trip to Chicago and lots of shots of Frank Lloyd Wright's domestic stuff.
The Experience Music Project
This is Paul Allen's baby, and Seattle's own Gehry, smack dab next to the Space Needle.
The London Eye
Some shots of the London Eye, a Millennium Project in the UK. Its large, impressive Ferris wheel on the Southbank of the Thames.
Tate Modern
Some shots of Tate Modern (yes, apparently you drop the "the"). This is the new home for the Tate's collection of Modern art, housed in the converted shell of the Bankside Power station. The building was originally completed in 1963 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (also the designer of the British red phone box). The conversion was designed and completed in 2000 by the architectural firm Herzog and De Meuron.
Gaudi and Barcelona
Yaz and Richard's trip through Spain began with a few days in this very cool city.
Seattle Architecture
Various shots from around Seattle.
London Random Images
Southbank and Paul Smith minis.
The Millennium Dome
Regardless of what anyone says, I love this building. Now. What do we do with it?
Canary Warf - Underground
Canary Warf - Pontoon Bridge
Canary Warf - One canada Square
Canary Warf - Canning Town underground Station
Victoria Docks
Lloyd's Building, London