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Bonnie's Mom

Mom lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is married to Dad.
They had two children: me, and Tom. [Mom & Dad]

She likes to read true crime and travel. Last year Mom & Dad went to Ohio--they didn't get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, so they'll have to go online.

Mom is a very lucky person, and that's part of the reason she likes going to Las Vegas so much. Recently she won thousands of dollars playing slots... but that's nothing new for her! We met in Vegas a few months back and has a blast. Can you believe Mom stayed up later than I did?!

Besides all her own work, Mom used to act as Scout for the Great Lakes Commission, scouring the Grand Rapids Press for Great Lakes regional information. Well now I don't work there anymore, so Mom's a 'travel/ online' scout for Uniglobe Travel Online.

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