"What are words for?
When no one listens,
there's no use talking at all."
-- Missing Persons
Am I qualified to talk about the process of writing?  Feh, who knows.

Here's the short-short version of my writing/creative process:

  1. Muse smacks me upside the head with her sledgehammer.
  2. I mull over idea (and headache) until I can get to a computer or notepad and write things down.
  3. I write until I can't see straight.
  4. Keep writing until finished (taking breaks for bathroom, sleep and sometimes work).
  5. Forget story for weeks and weeks.
  6. Finally pull it out and look at it again.
  7. Forget it again for weeks and weeks.
  8. Think, Hey, shouldn't I edit that story I wrote last month?  Decide not to because muse has smacked me with her sledgehammer again and I start over at step one with a new story.

I'm sure this is bound to change as a result of Clarion.  When the change is more than a post-Clairon reflex, I'll let you know what's different.



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