07/14/00 -- A little eye-candy, please

A day mostly off and the X-Men movie

So we pretty much had a day off.  It totally weirded me out.  I mean, we were cranking out so much during the first four weeks. And now we've almost stopped.  Three new stories came in this morning, some from the usual suspects.  I guess we're doing them on Monday.

We had a short lecture on opening paragraphs/chapters this morning.  So in my head I've been half working on the opening paragraphs of a few of my stories.

I also had my conference with Greg and Maureen today.  It was weird.  I was nervous, though I'm not sure I really needed to be -- though not needing to be only served to make me more nervous.  I wasn't sure what to expect or if I should expect anything.

I survived.  I heard some good things.  Some good suggestions about what I can do with my writing.  And we wound up (while they were gassing the woodchuck) talking about furry cons and furry fandom.  Don't ask.

Afterwards, Jennifer and Linda and I headed over to the gym.

After, I grabbed a quick shower and met folks downstairs.  We went en masse to see the X-Men movie.  Lots of nice eye candy.  That's all I'm going to say.

The plan had been, afterwards we'd have sushi and play Mafia.  Well, sushi didn't happen: the place was packed.  We were going to meet at El Azteco, but it was packed and since we were in three different cars and such, we didn't meat up.  So Trey and Buck and Jeff and I wound up eating dinner at Harper's.

We ran into the Maureen/Greg/Gavin/Karen bunch on our walk back and somehow Greg or I or both of us ended up tempting people to the candy place for candy or ice cream.  Most of us walked back to campus.

The attempt to gather bodies for Mafia was made.  It failed.  *grump* I wanna play Mafia!  *whine*  I fear we won't get enough of us to play in the next week... that I'll go through Mafia withdrawal.  That I'll wind up at WFC in October just so I can play mafia! *giggle*

Jennifer, Mark and I walked in the woods, got lost, found Owen again, and I worked on the ce2k pages.  (Photo gallery -- it isn't ready to go up yet.  I may redo what I've got and make something that'll load faster.  I dunno.)

Got no writing done today, however.  Part of me is annoyed.  The rest of me just doesn't give a damn.  I'm tired.  I'm burned out.  I'm thinking about a dozen different novel ideas.


Okay, so other folks are talking about their productivity here.  I decided I may as well, too.
This list (and my productivity) is subject to change without notice. :)

Word Count
"Where the Blood Roses Grow"
Week one, first story.  Wahoo.  And I was worried that something wouldn't come.
5000 6/13 6/15
"Uprooting the Tree"
Will probably change the title at some point.
3400 6/16 6/19
"Mockingbird Girl"
I think I'm happiest with this story, so far.
2800 6/19 6/26
"Poor as Paupers, Rich as Royalty"
My challenge story from Sean's week.  I hated writing it.  It gave me a toothache.
That fucking first person narrative (not yet complete) - May never be completed.  Don't I feel like an idiot... (400)
"Switched to Overload"  (That other fucking first person narrative)
Actually, I like this one better than the one above it ...  Even if it did wind up being two first person narratives in one story.  o.O
4900 6/27 7/3
"Sweeter Than Honey, Stronger Than Wine"  (My Tananrive Due challenge story.  Write a story in the style of an author whose work you admire.  Aieee!  It was sort of supposed to be in the style of Tanith Lee.  I'm not sure I hit that.  But it's definitely got a Christina Rossetti influence.) 9200 7/2 7/10
"Hypothetical Beaches"
I really hope it turns out to be not quite as stupid as I feel like it is.  Finished it just before Maureen and Greg's 24-hour moratorium on writing.  (In case you're wondering, it started from a free-write.)
2800 7/10 7/13
"From Time to Time" (unfinished)
Fucked if I know what this is going to turn into if it will turn into anything over the next couple of days.  It's twisted.  Or at least a little gross.