06/08/00 -- Have I mentioned I hate packing?

Last day at work for six and a half weeks and I didn't wind up leaving the office until after 6.  When I got home at 7, I wanted to try and burn another mix CD to catch all of the music I couldn't bring with me because I couldn't justify bringing a CD just for one song I really liked.  The CD burner kept freaking out.  I gave up.

Wound up running errands with Boo and Willie to get some gardening crap from Sears.  I was cranky.  I was snippy.  I kept telling everyone to hurry up.  I had to get back to the house and finish packing.

Finally, everything (hopefully) is where it needs to be.  The car gets loaded (for the most part), I grab a shower, and try to sleep.

Jonah tried to give me a backrub before I went to sleep.  I was too tense.  Too tense for a backrub.  Every time he tried to work out the knots he found (and they were everywhere), I screamed.  It just hurt too much. :P

Finally, I wound down enough to sleep.  With the alarm set for 5am.  I decided to skip IHOP with Boo Friday morning.  I wanted sleep rather than pancakes for breakfast.