03/11/00 -- Estes Park

Goin' to the mountains!

Drove up to Estes park.  Wahoo!  As much as I hate mountain driving, there really is nothing prettier than driving through the Rockies.   It's even prettier than driving through the Cascades and I think I've done both enough to feel a decent sense of comparison.

Would've liked to spend more time up there, and would've liked to get there earlier, but it didn't happen.  Boo and I ran errands, grabbed random things from random stores, began the Great Monitor Hunt, and grabbed breakfast, then came home to get Sweetie.

Yes, we dragged him off away from work, away from the computer, and away from his cellular phone and his beeper.  We made sure work couldn't track him down and try to yank him back.  We forced at least one day of a weekend on him.   And it went pretty well.

We went to the Michael Ricker Pewter gallery up in Estes Park.   I could've easily dropped $5000 on pewter... assuming I had $5000 to drop on it.   As it was, I think my mom's Christmas and Birthday presents are taken care of for a while.  And I've flat out told Boo and Sweetie that we will go back there before we move if/when we move.  There's a big chunk of other stuff I wanna get for mom.  And, hell, if I've got some spare cash lying around, for myself, too.

Boo and Sweetie also managed to sucker me.  They got me out of the building, after plotting to buy me something nice... I never even noticed.

Sweetie had to go to the potty and said he'd be right out.   Boo and I went to wait in the car.  I realized that the collector consultant who'd rung me up managed to miss the two little angel pieces (a lil angel lion and an angel mousie!) so Boo went in to pay for them.  And all the while I was wondering, What the hell... did he fall in? since my sweetie hadn't come out yet.  And even when Boo came back out, Sweetie wasn't there.

Finally, he came out and said, "I've got directions to a place for dinner."  And I whined, But I wanted to go somewhere else in downtown Denver for dinner!.  But since he was paying, I really couldn't argue too much.

We drove off and found the bar where the collector consultant chick who had rung me up and we'd chatted with worked in the evenings.  We grabbed menus.  We grabbed a table.  We flipped through menus.

Then, a metallic gold cardboard box appeared in front of me.   And inside was a set of four pewter angel ornaments.  I about cried.  It was so sweet (and I'm such a sap for surprise presents).

So we had drinks, we had munchies, we chatted with What's Her Name, then we drove home so we could let Shilo out and feed him.  We were going to go to somewhere else in downtown Denver for dinner, except I was so wiped out I crashed.  I think Boo and Sweetie went to Gunther Toody's for dinner or something.

But it was a pretty mountain day.  I'll definitely miss the Rocky Mountains when we move away.