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The Picture Pages of My Web Page

Some pictures of my tattoos, as well as tattoo links
More Pictures of me...and my darling of course...(including our Renaissance Wedding)
Web Pages and Photos of Friends
Pictures of my Three Cats
My Pictures of the United Kingdom when I lived there
Pictures of my 1967 Ford Thunderbird

All the Stuff I'm Madly in Love With

The Goth End of Hippie-Goth
Witchy Wiz and Weirdness
Everything but the Goth--Music
English Literature Pretentiousness
Comics--Not necessarily the funny page
Film and Television--UK and US
Art Community Page
Renaissance Faires and Festivals List

Re-Enactment, Medieval, Renaissance Faires and Festivals

The Renaissance Information Center (Corona and Indio, CA Festivals)
The Long Beach Renaissance Arts Festival
The Renaissance Faire Home Page
The Mystic Keep
The Historical Re-Enactment Page (mostly UK listings)
The Society for Creative Anachronism Home Page (SCA)
Shakespeare Insult Server

Links to a Few of the Other Random Wonders I'm Into

Bizarre Magazine
Not for the easily offended
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Freak Farm
The Resort Home Page
The Ancient World Web Alternative Theories Index
Find a Grave
Cool Site of the Day
Witches Against Religious Discrimination
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