Being bipolar sucks.  Why does it suck?  Let's go over a few reasons:

  • You never know when you're moods are going to start swinging.
  • Most people just don't understand what "being bipolar" means.
  • Your mind races so fast and it's hard to express you thoughts.
  • It makes you feel like you have no control over who you are.
  • You have to take meds with really shitty side effects.
  • It forces you to get off your ass, learn more about who you are, and to basically become your own babysitter.

I can tell when I start going up or down almost instantly...  I swear there's a physical sensation - like a chill, almost.  So, usually a couple of seconds after that, I either want to go shopping and spend lots of money or I just want to go home.

This is my rant.  This is my therapy.

I'm really pretty pissed off that after all the other shit I had to deal with growing up... and working so hard to be good... and now, I still have to deal with more shit.  Bigger shit.  Smellier shit.

No, this web site isn't just about me and how I'm pissed off.  That'd be a total waste of time and bandwidth.  The fact of the matter is that Bipolar Disorder is a serious illness and while there are a lot of good places on the web to find information, so much of it is sketchy.

So, ultimately, my goal is to provide pointers to what I feel is the best information on any particular subject.  I also want to share a little bit about what being bipolar is like for me.  I hope you enjoy the site, that it makes you laugh, and that you learn something.

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Being Bipolar Sucks: A Resource